Mind over Body.

I hope everyone has had a good bank holiday weekend! Me? I’ve been quite ill with what can only be described as a 24 hour flu of some sort. My whole body ached, my throat was (and still is) sore, my nose was streaming and my temperature was all over the place. I could have easily given up, stayed in bed and made every excuse. But no.

I signed up for a 5k a day challenge. I knew when I signed up, that 100% meant I had to run every day. No matter what. So when I slowly started to deteriorate on Sunday, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. But what is easy in life?

Sure, it took me 30 minutes to pluck up the courage to get out of bed. Then took me another 30 minutes to get ready and to mentally talk myself into going. But I did it. It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t the fastest run I’ve done, but I did it. And that for me was a bigger victory in the whole challenge so far than any other day.

My body hated me that day for what I did. It hurt to run or even fast walk. But my mind was and still is in such a positive place, I really can’t complain. If you want to get anywhere in fitness, it’s mind over body. Everyone wants to be that person that can eat what they want and be slim. But let’s be real people, not many if any of us are. We have to work on it.

So the next time you find an excuse not to do something or you want to give up. Do it. Keep going. I know it hurts. I know it’s hard. But you can do this! It is so much more motivating to win a mental battle than physical battles. And once you beat one barrier, there is no stopping you from getting to your goals!

L x



Time for a refresh

Last week was a really big reality check. In a world where social media is a huge part of our lives, I’ve let myself make 2 lives. The one I am living, working hard at both work and home but with mistakes, and one I feel pressure to uphold. Operationweddingday was started to kind of keep me motivated and accountable, ready for the big day. But ended up becoming a negative source for me mentally and physically. I felt such a pressure to look and post certain things, I don’t feel it was moving me in a positive direction.

Monday was a total refresh. Sure, I am still looking forwards and very determined to be fit and healthy for my wedding, but it’s time for a fresh start with everything. Diet is being stripped back to simple foods. Gym sessions are back into the rotation 3/4 times a week. But the biggest change, operationweddingday instagram is being retired. Welcome to thatstheweigh. One strong title for me for an honest blog + Instagram. Through slip ups and confidence bursts, I promise it will be the truth! And I promise to make sure it’s positive.

Here is to a fresh start and a clean slate.

L x


Crossfit Games

So I’m sat here, watching a documentary about the Crossfit games, amazed! The determination and drive of these people is so motivating! Ok, the rounds of exercise they do is mad, but wow!

For anyone who doesn’t know what Crossfit is, it is a high-intensity fitness programme. Reebok host the Crossfit games each year, and bring all the fittest women and men to one stage to battle it out for the title of fittest man/woman on earth.

If there is one thing I take from watching these athletes, its that your mind is such a strong and powerful thing! Put your mind 50% into something, and you’ll get 50% back. However, put your mind 1000% into something, you will come out with 1000% in return.

Mindset is most of weight loss. If you want to loose weight, or for that matter achieve anything you want, you need to gain the right mindset. Put the hours in, spend the time on it, and you can do it. You give it 100%, you will see the results. Put 10% however in, and you won’t.

So my advice is this. If you want it, you got it. Match your desire to your motivation, and you can join the target weight club. Me? I want to get toned and get to my new target of 135lbs. Maybe even in the future give Crossfit a go!

1000% from tomorrow. Let’s do this!

L x

25 before I’m 25.

Most of the people around me would know that I hadn’t been feeling myself for many weeks now. So when I was kindly offered counselling, I thought for once about myself and my mental health and took it up. My counsellor has been amazing and really given me some incredible tools on the path to self care and strength from within.

Last Wednesday was my last session with them. Instead of being worried and scared that I would slip back to my old ways, I’ve come out fighting. I’ve never felt so motivated and excited to tackle life!

So, I’ve come up with a list. 25 things I want to achieve before I’m 25. Coming straight from my heart and from what I’ve been scared to do but wanted so badly, here is the list I came up with:

  1. Afternoon Tea at the Ritz
  2. Complete a Triathlon
  3. Stay out all night on a night out
  4. Go Glamping
  5. Go to Go Ape!
  6. Stay in a 5 star hotel
  7. Do a personal shopper day
  8. Do 10 push ups
  9. Go indoor rock climbing
  10. Try something new each week
  11. Get dropped off somewhere and find my way back without my phone
  12. Spontanious holiday
  13. Complete a game from start to finish in 24 hours
  14. Go a week without watching TV/Youtube
  15. Buy something designer
  16. Go to a festival and camp
  17. Go to a drive through Cinema
  18. Sit on Murray Mount
  19. Do a backflip on a trampoline
  20. Ride in a limo
  21. Escape from an escape room
  22. Build furniture on my own
  23. Go indoor skydiving
  24. Hike up Ben Nevis
  25. See Wicked live in London

Go after your goals, no matter how big or small they are. Fight for what you want in life. Let nothing stop you.

L x

Honesty is the Best Policy

My diet this week has been terrible. I let myself down by giving into temptations and emotional eating rather than practically eating. I’ve been craving so many fast food meals it’s mad. But maybe thats because i’ve had a tough week? Old Laura used to use this food as comfort. Don’t get me wrong, the pictures your about to see look and were really tasty! But they definitely don’t give me a positive feeling anymore.


Normally I would have been so mad at myself. I would have been starving myself the next day or doing too many hours of exercise to punish myself. But you know what? I’m happy. Sure, I am a little upset and feel very sluggish for eating like I did, but I’m not going to get hung up over it. I’ve been enjoying life so much that my diet slipped. Is that so bad? And in fairness, those meals have just made me feel more motivated to get my diet clean! 2 lbs gained, but so what? I can get those 2 pounds off in a week no problem!

The thing is, I was very good at saying I didn’t have a problem with food. I’ve been on both ends of the scale when it comes to food, and still didn’t see any problems. When I was a teenager, I use to get so body consious that I would miss important meals so I didn’t put on any weight. Then once I started to get caught not eating, I would make sure that someone would see me eating. This then triggered the opposite issue of overeating. It wasn’t until 2014, when I got myself to 14 stone is when I realised what I was doing to myself.

I am a food addict.

I still obsess and worry over calories. I still make excuses why I can eat that doughnut or 2. I always will have this problem. The difference now? I’m ready to take care of myself. I’m ready to take care of my body, and I realise how important it is to fuel your body right. So though everyday will be a mental battle against food, I am determined to win. I’ve been winning for 2 years. And hopefully I shall be winning for many more years. Sure, life will get on top of you, but it’s not about punishing yourself. It’s about enjoying the ride. Use a bad week to fuel a good month.

Back on this week with my nutrition.

L x

Slimming Down for the Gown

This time last year, my wonderful boyfriend became my incredible fiance. I am so grateful to have such a supportive man through everything, and I can’t believe I’m the lucky woman that gets him for life. With the wedding now becoming the main focus in our life, the first fear I have is the dress and my confidence in the dress. I’ve been so obsessed with making sure Chris is happy, I find myself thinking less and less about my actual happiness. Loving someone else starts with loving yourself.  Self care really does reflect on your relationships and life.

For a very long time, I didn’t take care of myself. I either ate too much or too little. I wouldn’t care so much about my appearance. And I definitely didn’t think I deserved love. But if there is one thing Chris has taught me in the time I’ve been with him, It’s that confidence is so powerful. You want something that bad, you can do it. Positive mind, positive body, positive life. Once everything is set, there isn’t anything that can stop you.

So for all my fellow brides to be, my ladies who don’t need no man and everyone in between. Be strong. Be happy. But most importantly, take care of yourself. Because you are important, and you deserve not only to look but to feel happy. And you can do it! Because you deserve to.

L x

This is Only the Beginning.

You’ve done it! You’ve hit your goal weight!! Now what?

This is my problem with quick diets. You can loose the weight fast, but 9/10 times it will go back on once you reach your goal! I tried a meal replacement diet recently – Protein World 7 day Slender Blend collection. For 7 days, all I had to do was replace my breakfast and lunch with these shakes, and take the fat metaboliser and the hunger buster capsules with them.


The shakes at first were a little sweet for me, but as the week went on, I found that my palette adjusted and I started to really enjoy the flavour. I tried to make sure I didn’t get bored of the taste by varying them up. I used either almond milk, skimmed milk or just plain water, and that seem to work fine. But even with mixing it up, I found was just missing eating food! Sure, I was still eating one ‘real meal’ a day, but having liquid for the other two just took its toll. That whole week, I felt so low with energy that my body felt like it went into survival mode! I struggled to concentrate, my running felt more strenuous and I felt so tired!

Don’t get me wrong. I followed this plan as closely as I could, and became 6 pounds lighter in a week! These kind of diets are great for if you need to drop a few pounds before a big event. But I would never encourage anyone to keep on a diet like this. Sure, it may be an extreme example of a diet. But some people do try and keep these up! Do yourself and your body a favour. Eat 3 clean meals a day and exercise to keep healthy. And remember one thing:

It’s not a diet, It’s a lifestyle change.

So the next time your hoping you can find that ‘quick fix’ pill or diet that can get you slim, just remember. Results can only last with a lifestyle change. Diets can help to kick start weight loss, but they aren’t going keep results. And they certainly wont make you happy!

L x

Motivation Music Monday

Music has always been a huge part of my life. From playing clarinet to sitting in my room blasting my favourite tunes. I always used it to escape from what was going on in my life. I get so much of my motivation and determination from songs. Just closing my eyes and letting the music build up inside of me is a really powerful tool.

The right song can really push you to the next level of a workout. Everyone has those songs that get them going and pushing boundaries. Doing all my running, I have a few that really get me to the end of my 5K.

Have a listen:

Power – Little Mix

Unstoppable – Sia

Centuries – Fall Out Boy

Get Low – Dillon Francis

What are your Motivational songs?

L x

How Much Do You Want It?

I get a lot of questions when people find out I’ve lost 54lbs. How did you do it? Where did you start? What program did you follow?  Truth is, it was all me. I didn’t follow a program or routine. I started off just using MyFitnessPal to tell me my calorie allowance, and rolled with it. I made sure that no matter what, I stuck to my calorie goal. Then, once I got my diet started, I focused on getting regular exercise in my routine. 3 to 4 times a week I would go to the gym. This is when the weight really started to fall off.

Though this got me on the right road, there was a few bumps along the way. Your not going to say no all the time. Your not going to have the strength all the time. Someone will offer you that doughnut or that cookie, and you’ll cave. You’ll give the excuses to your mind and get away with it. You deserve it right? You’ve been clean for 4 days and deserve it. Then 2 days later, you cave again, because you’ve been good since that cookie right? And the cycle will go on, until you are back where you started.

It’s so easy to fall back to the habits. But didn’t you want to change? Didn’t you start your journey to see it to the end? How much do you want it? How much do you want to fit into those size 8 jeans? How much did you want to change your health? Only you can do it. Only you can change your life and lose that weight. Only you can change your habits. I wanted it. I fought for it. And now I have it. And believe me, it feels so good to finally be at my goal!

So when someone offers you that cookie, or that chocolate bar, or that doughnut, just think. How much do I want it? Willpower is your greatest friend in your fight against food. Let’s show food who’s really in charge.

L x

Goals and 365 Days of Running

So for anyone that doesn’t know, I am currently 144 days into a charity challenge. I am running 5k a day for 365 days for Crohn’s and Colitis UK. Yes, I am mad. Yes, it’s a lot of running. But who makes a challenge easy for themselves?

Hitting my goal weight had always been my aim for 2 years. Then, when I did hit my goal, I felt lost. I hit my goal, but I still wanted to be challenged. I wanted to hit the next goal, but what was it?

You can make hundreds of goals, but I can guarantee that if you try to do them all at once, you will fail. You will put so much pressure on yourself that you will think it is easier to just give up. DONT! Just take them one at a time. Hit one goal, move to the next. Simple! They don’t have to be big goals, just achievable. My first goal was to loose 3 stone. The next? to run 1km without stopping. Then to run a half marathon. I know, It escalated quickly. But without these goals to keep us moving and challenge our boundaries, it’s very easy to slip into old habits again.

I always like to aim for something in life. For me, It’s mainly fitness related as that’s what I like to do.  But you will always have other goals you want to work towards. Promotion at work, learn that new skill or even go skydiving. My point is the more you can if you try. Things will go wrong. The path to your goal won’t be smooth. There will be a lot of hills in the road. But I promise you, the view at the top is great. And it’s such a better feeling than how you feel right now at the bottom of the hill.

So my tip for anyone who is feeling lost right now is to always look forward. What do you want to achieve, and how hard can you work to get there? Because you on a mission? Nothing can stop you.

L x