Mind over Body.

I hope everyone has had a good bank holiday weekend! Me? I’ve been quite ill with what can only be described as a 24 hour flu of some sort. My whole body ached, my throat was (and still is) sore, my nose was streaming and my temperature was all over the place. I could have easily given up, stayed in bed and made every excuse. But no.

I signed up for a 5k a day challenge. I knew when I signed up, that 100% meant I had to run every day. No matter what. So when I slowly started to deteriorate on Sunday, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. But what is easy in life?

Sure, it took me 30 minutes to pluck up the courage to get out of bed. Then took me another 30 minutes to get ready and to mentally talk myself into going. But I did it. It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t the fastest run I’ve done, but I did it. And that for me was a bigger victory in the whole challenge so far than any other day.

My body hated me that day for what I did. It hurt to run or even fast walk. But my mind was and still is in such a positive place, I really can’t complain. If you want to get anywhere in fitness, it’s mind over body. Everyone wants to be that person that can eat what they want and be slim. But let’s be real people, not many if any of us are. We have to work on it.

So the next time you find an excuse not to do something or you want to give up. Do it. Keep going. I know it hurts. I know it’s hard. But you can do this! It is so much more motivating to win a mental battle than physical battles. And once you beat one barrier, there is no stopping you from getting to your goals!

L x



Time for a refresh

Last week was a really big reality check. In a world where social media is a huge part of our lives, I’ve let myself make 2 lives. The one I am living, working hard at both work and home but with mistakes, and one I feel pressure to uphold. Operationweddingday was started to kind of keep me motivated and accountable, ready for the big day. But ended up becoming a negative source for me mentally and physically. I felt such a pressure to look and post certain things, I don’t feel it was moving me in a positive direction.

Monday was a total refresh. Sure, I am still looking forwards and very determined to be fit and healthy for my wedding, but it’s time for a fresh start with everything. Diet is being stripped back to simple foods. Gym sessions are back into the rotation 3/4 times a week. But the biggest change, operationweddingday instagram is being retired. Welcome to thatstheweigh. One strong title for me for an honest blog + Instagram. Through slip ups and confidence bursts, I promise it will be the truth! And I promise to make sure it’s positive.

Here is to a fresh start and a clean slate.

L x


Crossfit Games

So I’m sat here, watching a documentary about the Crossfit games, amazed! The determination and drive of these people is so motivating! Ok, the rounds of exercise they do is mad, but wow!

For anyone who doesn’t know what Crossfit is, it is a high-intensity fitness programme. Reebok host the Crossfit games each year, and bring all the fittest women and men to one stage to battle it out for the title of fittest man/woman on earth.

If there is one thing I take from watching these athletes, its that your mind is such a strong and powerful thing! Put your mind 50% into something, and you’ll get 50% back. However, put your mind 1000% into something, you will come out with 1000% in return.

Mindset is most of weight loss. If you want to loose weight, or for that matter achieve anything you want, you need to gain the right mindset. Put the hours in, spend the time on it, and you can do it. You give it 100%, you will see the results. Put 10% however in, and you won’t.

So my advice is this. If you want it, you got it. Match your desire to your motivation, and you can join the target weight club. Me? I want to get toned and get to my new target of 135lbs. Maybe even in the future give Crossfit a go!

1000% from tomorrow. Let’s do this!

L x