This is Only the Beginning.

You’ve done it! You’ve hit your goal weight!! Now what?

This is my problem with quick diets. You can loose the weight fast, but 9/10 times it will go back on once you reach your goal! I tried a meal replacement diet recently – Protein World 7 day Slender Blend collection. For 7 days, all I had to do was replace my breakfast and lunch with these shakes, and take the fat metaboliser and the hunger buster capsules with them.


The shakes at first were a little sweet for me, but as the week went on, I found that my palette adjusted and I started to really enjoy the flavour. I tried to make sure I didn’t get bored of the taste by varying them up. I used either almond milk, skimmed milk or just plain water, and that seem to work fine. But even with mixing it up, I found was just missing eating food! Sure, I was still eating one ‘real meal’ a day, but having liquid for the other two just took its toll. That whole week, I felt so low with energy that my body felt like it went into survival mode! I struggled to concentrate, my running felt more strenuous and I felt so tired!

Don’t get me wrong. I followed this plan as closely as I could, and became 6 pounds lighter in a week! These kind of diets are great for if you need to drop a few pounds before a big event. But I would never encourage anyone to keep on a diet like this. Sure, it may be an extreme example of a diet. But some people do try and keep these up! Do yourself and your body a favour. Eat 3 clean meals a day and exercise to keep healthy. And remember one thing:

It’s not a diet, It’s a lifestyle change.

So the next time your hoping you can find that ‘quick fix’ pill or diet that can get you slim, just remember. Results can only last with a lifestyle change. Diets can help to kick start weight loss, but they aren’t going keep results. And they certainly wont make you happy!

L x


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