How Much Do You Want It?

I get a lot of questions when people find out I’ve lost 54lbs. How did you do it? Where did you start? What program did you follow?  Truth is, it was all me. I didn’t follow a program or routine. I started off just using MyFitnessPal to tell me my calorie allowance, and rolled with it. I made sure that no matter what, I stuck to my calorie goal. Then, once I got my diet started, I focused on getting regular exercise in my routine. 3 to 4 times a week I would go to the gym. This is when the weight really started to fall off.

Though this got me on the right road, there was a few bumps along the way. Your not going to say no all the time. Your not going to have the strength all the time. Someone will offer you that doughnut or that cookie, and you’ll cave. You’ll give the excuses to your mind and get away with it. You deserve it right? You’ve been clean for 4 days and deserve it. Then 2 days later, you cave again, because you’ve been good since that cookie right? And the cycle will go on, until you are back where you started.

It’s so easy to fall back to the habits. But didn’t you want to change? Didn’t you start your journey to see it to the end? How much do you want it? How much do you want to fit into those size 8 jeans? How much did you want to change your health? Only you can do it. Only you can change your life and lose that weight. Only you can change your habits. I wanted it. I fought for it. And now I have it. And believe me, it feels so good to finally be at my goal!

So when someone offers you that cookie, or that chocolate bar, or that doughnut, just think. How much do I want it? Willpower is your greatest friend in your fight against food. Let’s show food who’s really in charge.

L x


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