The Diet Starts Monday!

Hands up who said this yesterday? 🙌

And hands up who is sitting here, ruined diet thinking ‘I’ll try again next Monday’ 🙌.


I always hated the idea that you have to start anything new on a Monday! There is such a stigma associated with Mondays! Why do we have to start next week? Why not now!

My new lifestyle started on a Tuesday believe it or not! I was fed up of the feeling of failure and waiting to start again, that I snapped. If I was going to change, I was going to do it now! Never let disappointment stop you. Always take it in your stride. So what you had that biscuit today? Who cares that you slipped in your diet! Slipping one day in a week won’t hurt your weight loss. Use that feeling of regret and let that drive you forward.

So to all those people that think that they have to try again in a week. I feel your pain! Lets start again tomorrow, get back on that bandwagon and let’s get this weight loss going!

L x


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