Trauma and Weight Loss

To say my week has been stressful is probably an understatement. On one of my runs, I was bitten by a dog. Luckily I only came out with a bite on my bum, but that was nothing compared to last Monday.

I know everyones heard about what happened on the 22nd May. It’s certainly a day that I will never forget. Me and my partner were both at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. We were walking down the stairs about to go to the foyer when we heard a loud bang and saw a stampede of people running back into the arena. I have never felt so grateful to be alive.

When it comes to my feelings and my diet, there are many things that I could of done and still do to cope with this trauma. It’s so easy to make excuses and reasons why you should falter. I could of hidden away and done what old Laura did best – eat my feelings away.  But I didn’t.

I stuck to my diet and guns and dealt with my emotions and feelings properly! Sure, I did have treats that week! I definitely felt like I deserved some break from clean eating. But I made sure that I accounted for every bite and every calorie burned! I was not going to let myself down by giving in on my diet! I’ve worked hard over years to get where I am, and no way am I letting anything ruin that.

You can let trauma affect you. It’s ok to be affected. But don’t let yourself become an emotional eater. Separate your emotions and food and try replacing it with a hobby. I usually fall to going for a run or walk when I’m feeling sad. Let the power of your passion become stronger than the food you think makes you happy. Believe me it gives you so much more confidence and strength than that chocolate bar or doughnut.

L x


Hello. It’s Me.

There is a time in everyones life where they say the words ‘It’s time for change’. You are fed up of the situation and your desperate for something in your life to stop. For me that moment happened Feb 2015. I was 6 months into a new relationship, settled into a job and life was going pretty good. The only problem I had was my weight.

The only full length mirror I had was my now fiance’s house. Looking into a mirror was horrible. I was majorly uncomfortable with my body and I didn’t at all feel attractive or happy with what I was looking at. Why can’t I just be slim? Why did I let myself get to 14 stone?


Fitbit at the ready, I took a leap of faith. Overhauled my diet with the help of MyFitnessPal, joined my first gym and went for it! In the first month of this overhaul, I had managed to loose a stone! For a girl who doubted every move she made, I suddenly had this amazing mental strength! Nothing could stop me in what I wanted.

Over the next year, I grew confidence in my work life, my personal life and my gym life. I slowly and surely got myself down to an amazing 10 1/2 stone by the time July 2016 rolled around. And if my weight loss was one positive, a few more were thrown my way. My boyfriend became my fiance, we had just moved in together and both got new jobs! Finally life didn’t feel so against me.

Fast forward a year, and that brings you to today! I am currently maintaining around the 10 stone mark, happily planning my wedding to an amazing man, and running 5k for 365 days. I could not be in a better place with my health and life.

Starting this blog was to not only share my story as I try to maintain this healthy lifestyle, but to hopefully give someone else there ‘It’s time for change’ moment.

L x